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Upneeq is an innovative prescription eye drop specifically formulated to treat acquired ptosis, a condition characterized by drooping of the upper eyelid. Unlike surgical interventions, Upneeq offers a non-invasive and convenient solution to lift the upper eyelid, revealing a brighter and more alert appearance.

Meet Upneeq

Upneeq is a breakthrough prescription eye drop that revolutionizes the treatment of acquired ptosis, a condition characterized by drooping of the upper eyelid. At Rosenberg Plastic Surgery, we are proud to offer this non-invasive solution designed to lift the upper eyelid, revealing brighter and more vibrant eyes without the need for surgery.

How does Upneeq work?

Muscle Stimulation
Upneeq works by stimulating the Müller's muscle, a tiny muscle in the upper eyelid responsible for elevating the lid. This targeted stimulation leads to the contraction of the muscle, resulting in a gradual and natural lift of the upper eyelid.

Sympathomimetic Effect
The active ingredient in Upneeq, oxymetazoline, acts as a sympathomimetic agent. This means that it mimics the effects of sympathetic nervous system activity, promoting the contraction of smooth muscles, including Müller's muscle.

Increased Tone and Improved Lid Position
As Upneeq is applied as eye drops, it induces a localized effect on the smooth muscle of the upper eyelid. The increased tone and improved muscle function lead to a noticeable elevation of the eyelid, enhancing symmetry and openness.

Non-Invasive Ptosis Correction
Unlike surgical interventions for ptosis correction, Upneeq offers a non-invasive alternative. The eye drops provide a convenient and efficient way to address acquired ptosis, offering a gradual and natural-looking lift to the upper eyelid.

Key Benefits of Upneeq 

1. Non-Invasive Ptosis Correction:

Upneeq provides a non-invasive alternative to surgical procedures for correcting acquired ptosis. The eye drops work by stimulating the muscles responsible for lifting the upper eyelid, resulting in a more youthful and lifted appearance.

2. Quick and Convenient Application:

The application of Upneeq is quick and convenient. A few drops of Upneeq applied to each eye can significantly improve eyelid positioning, making it a hassle-free addition to your daily routine.

3. Natural-Looking Results:

Upneeq offers natural-looking results, enhancing the symmetry and openness of the eyes without the need for surgery. The gradual lift achieved with Upneeq contributes to a refreshed and rejuvenated eye area.

4. Improved Visual Field:

Beyond cosmetic benefits, Upneeq's ability to lift the upper eyelid can also lead to an improved visual field. Experience enhanced vision and a brighter outlook on the world around you.

Upneeq faqs

How does Upneeq work to lift the upper eyelid?

Upneeq contains oxymetazoline, an active ingredient that acts as a sympathomimetic agent. It stimulates Müller's muscle, a small muscle in the upper eyelid, leading to its contraction. This targeted muscle stimulation results in a gradual and natural lift of the upper eyelid, improving symmetry and openness.


Is Upneeq a surgical procedure for correcting ptosis?

No, Upneeq offers a non-invasive alternative to surgical procedures for correcting acquired ptosis. It is a prescription eye drop that provides a convenient and efficient solution to lift the upper eyelid without the need for surgery.


How often should Upneeq be applied, and when can results be expected?

Upneeq is typically applied twice daily, once in the morning and once in the evening. While individual results may vary, many patients notice a gradual improvement in eyelid positioning with consistent use over time. Full results may be observed after several weeks of regular application.


Are there any side effects associated with Upneeq?

Common side effects of Upneeq may include eye redness, eye irritation, and headache. These side effects are generally mild and temporary. It's important to follow the prescribed application guidelines and consult with our practitioners if you experience any persistent or concerning side effects.


Can Upneeq be used by individuals with specific medical conditions or on other medications?

Individuals with specific eye conditions or allergies to Upneeq's ingredients may not be suitable candidates. Before using Upneeq at Rosenberg Plastic Surgery, patients are advised to disclose all current medications. Some medications may interact with Upneeq, and the healthcare providers at Rosenberg Plastic Surgery can offer guidance on compatibility with existing medication regimens.

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