Thigh Lift

Thigh Lift

Discover the transformative power of a Thigh Lift at Rosenberg Plastic Surgery, where Dr. David Rosenberg's expertise meets your aesthetic aspirations. Our Thigh Lift procedure is meticulously crafted to address sagging skin and contour the thighs, restoring a more sculpted and toned appearance. 

A Thigh Lift, also known as thighplasty, is a surgical procedure aimed at improving the contours of the thighs. This procedure is particularly beneficial for individuals who have experienced significant weight loss, aging, or have concerns about excess skin and fat in the thigh area.

The Procedure

Your journey begins with a detailed consultation with Dr. David Rosenberg. During this session, he evaluates your anatomy, discusses your aesthetic goals, and formulates a customized Thigh Lift plan.

The Thigh Lift Process

Thigh Lift surgery involves the removal of excess skin and fat from the thighs. Dr. Rosenberg employs precise techniques to create smooth and toned contours.

Incisions are strategically placed, often in inconspicuous locations, to minimize visible scarring. Dr. Rosenberg ensures a meticulous approach to achieve optimal results.

Following the procedure, a comprehensive postoperative care plan is provided. Dr. Rosenberg guides you through the recovery process, ensuring a smooth and comfortable healing experience.

The Benefits of thigh lift

Sculpted Contours
Thigh Lift is tailored to sculpt the thighs, addressing excess skin and fat deposits for a more defined and contoured appearance.

Enhanced Proportions
This procedure contributes to improved body proportions, creating a harmonious balance between the thighs and surrounding areas.

Boosted Confidence
Thigh Lift not only enhances physical appearance but can also boost confidence by addressing concerns related to sagging skin and excess fat.

Your Comfort and Safety

Your safety is our top priority at Rosenberg Plastic Surgery. Dr. David Rosenberg upholds the highest standards of safety throughout the Thigh Lift process.

Postoperatively, detailed care instructions are provided to facilitate a smooth recovery, and follow-up appointments are scheduled to monitor your healing progress.

Thigh Lift FAQs

Am I an ideal candidate for a Thigh Lift?

Ideal candidates for a Thigh Lift are individuals with excess skin and fat on the thighs, often due to weight loss, aging, or other factors. Good candidates are generally in good health and have realistic expectations.


What areas of the thighs can be addressed with a Thigh Lift?

A Thigh Lift targets the inner thighs, outer thighs, or both, depending on the patient's specific concerns. Dr. David Rosenberg customizes the procedure to address individual anatomy and aesthetic goals.


Will a Thigh Lift result in noticeable scarring?

While there will be some scarring, Dr. Rosenberg strategically places incisions in concealed areas to minimize visibility. Over time, scars typically fade, and postoperative care is provided to optimize healing.


How long is the recovery period after a Thigh Lift?

Recovery times vary, but most individuals can return to light activities within a week. Strenuous activities and exercise may be gradually resumed following Dr. Rosenberg's postoperative guidelines.

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