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Signature Non-surgical BBL

Signature Non-surgical BBL

Fill Out Your Pants Perfectly With A Curvier Shape, Get The Silhouette You’ve Always Wanted And Reduce Hip Dips With Sculptra, A PLLA Filler That Lasts 18-24 Months, Or With EMSCULPT NEO. These Procedures Offer A Long-Term Solution For Volumizing And Completing Your Desired Hourglass Figure. A Non-Surgical BBL Can Boost Your Confidence And Improve Your Shape.

  • A Non-Invasive Alternative To Traditional BBL
  • No Incisions, Or Implants
  • Stimulates Collagen Fiber Production
  • Improves The Shape Of Your Buttocks
  • Natural Firm And Toned Buttocks

Sculptra Injection

The Sculptra Is Injected Within The Targeted Areas On Your Buttocks To Facilitate Natural Collagen Production. You May Notice Improvements In The Shape Of Your Buttocks After The First Treatment. The Peak Results Will Appear Over Several Months As Your Body Makes New Collagen Fibers. The Targeted Area Takes Three Months To Produce Enough Collagen For Visible Results.   A Few Strategic Injections Stimulate Collagen Fiber Production Resulting In More Pronounced Buttocks. This Minimally Invasive Procedure Will Give You Voluptuous Buttocks.


As The Premier Provider Of EMSCULPT NEO In Beverly Hills, The Specialists At Rosenberg Plastic Surgery Will Meet With You For An Initial Consultation. We’ll Then Build A Custom Treatment Plan For Your Unique Body. After Several Non-Invasive EMSCULPT NEO Treatments, You’ll Notice Gradually Improving Results Over The Following Three Months. The Treatment Is Developed To Eliminate Fat And Build Muscle.

Signature Non-Surgical BBL FAQs

Sculptra Is Injected Within The Buttocks To Stimulate Collagen Production And Restore Volume Reduction.

The Results Appear In Three To Four Months.

The Results Can Last Two To Three Years.

Yes. You May Get Bruising After The Procedure. This Symptom Subsides Within A Few Days.

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