Schnur Sliding Scale

Schnur Sliding Scale

Dr. Rosenberg often sees patients for a consultation for breast reduction surgery. Almost all of his patients want to know whether their operation is medically necessary, even though they have already decided on breast reduction surgery before meeting with him.

Further, perhaps even more importantly, his patients want to know whether their insurance company will cover their surgery. They are not the same thing. We have an excellent track record of getting medically necessary operations approved before surgery by our insurance authorization team.

We understand what the insurance companies will cover

Since we are knowledgeable about insurance companies’ guidelines and healthcare providers’ requirements, we understand what procedures are considered medically necessary.

In addition, we don’t waste time approving unjustified surgical procedures.

How We Use The Schnur Sliding Scale

Performing breast reduction surgery requires good surgical judgment and a fair amount of experience to know in advance how much tissue needs to be removed from each breast.

As a plastic surgeon, Dr. Rosenberg must also determine exactly how much he will have to remove for the procedure to be considered medically necessary by the insurance company.

An excellent tool for determining how much breast tissue will need to be removed is the Schnur Sliding Scale.

What Is The Schnur Sliding Scale?

A Schnur Sliding Scale chart is used to evaluate those considering breast reduction.

A plastic surgeon developed this method while studying women who underwent breast reduction surgery for medical reasons. This chart includes the patient’s body surface area and the weight of breast tissue removed.

The surgery is considered cosmetic if the patient’s breast tissue removal weight and body surface area fall below the 22nd percentile.

A medically necessary operation is considered if these two criteria are above the 22nd percentile. Not sure of your BSA (body surface area)?

History of The Schnur Scale

The Schnur Scale is used by insurance companies to determine patient eligibility for breast reduction surgery, but what is its history? According to a 1991 study, reduction mammoplasty is most often performed for cosmetic reasons or to address the range of medical conditions caused by overly large breasts.

It's important for your insurance company to know - Is it cosmetic or medical?

Many patients seek breast reduction surgery to enhance their physical appearance, while others suffer from medical problems associated with having overly-large, heavy breasts. More than 78% of women seeking breast reduction surgery did so to resolve a medical condition rather than for cosmetic reasons, according to this study.

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