Otoplasty also called an ear tuck, is a cosmetic procedure to enhance the shape, position, or size of the ears. This procedure was designed for patients that have misshapen or enlarged ears. If your ears are entirely formed, then you’ll get optimal results. Typically, otoplasty is conducted on both ears to maintain an asymmetrical facial appearance. The treatment is completely aesthetic and won’t affect your ability to hear or the position of the ear.

You can consider otoplasty if:

The Treatment

We provide a physical examination for patients and discuss their medical history and aesthetic goals prior to starting the treatment. The procedure takes two hours to complete, and you may have to wear bandages for a few weeks throughout the recovery. Once the bandages are removed, avoid sleeping on your side until the swelling, itching, and discoloration subside. Let us accentuate your ears with a complete transformation and regain that confidence with an otoplasty procedure.

Otoplasty FAQs

An ear tuck surgery can improve your ear’s proportion. We’ll examine your face and determine what is affecting your facial harmony. An ear tuck is a safe and quick procedure.

Yes. We could perform an otoplasty procedure if the cartilage of your ears is reversed to its recent position. We use permanent sutures and shave the front of your ear cartilage to weaken it. This ensures long-lasting results with an optimal success rate.

An otoplasty is an aesthetic procedure. Yes, it's safe, and we use advanced techniques to preserve the health of your ears. We don't go near the internal ear, so there are no risks.

Yes. You may get swelling. This symptom subsides within a few months.

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