Nipple Reduction

Nipple Reduction

Do you have large nipples that look unappealing? If you struggle with enlarged nipples, then we got you covered. The Nipple Reduction procedure minimizes discomfort. Most patients that are excellent candidates are in optimal health. During your consultation, we can determine if this is the right treatment for you.

The pros of this treatment include:

Why get nipple reduction?

Nipple reduction corrects these concerns and improves the appearance of your nipples. This procedure can also be combined with other treatments to achieve your desired results.

The Treatment

Nipple Reduction takes one hour to complete. During the procedure, Dr. Rosenberg will make a circular incision on the edge of the areola and remove tissue from the perimeter. He will then suture the incision for proper healing and to minimize the risks of stretching. Our experts will discuss the details at your consultation.

Nipple Reduction FAQs

After treatment, we will ask you to avoid chest contact and other activities for several weeks as the incision region begins to heal. You may also have to avoid exercise or heavy lifting. Dr. Rosenberg will provide detailed instructions on post-operative care at your consultation. We may provide an antibiotic ointment to use on your nipples as you heal.

The results are long-lasting. The advanced techniques used will prevent the areola from stretching.

The procedure takes one hour to complete.

Yes. You may get discomfort and numbness in your nipples. Bruising and swelling resolve within one to two weeks.

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