Cyst or Mole Removal

Cyst or Mole Removal

A mole, also called a nevus, is a common type of skin growth. A mole removal procedure can reduce the appearance of several kinds of moles, including brown, pink, red, or a shade that blends with your skin tone. A mole can be atypical, congenital, or acquired. Atypical moles have irregular shapes and are larger than congenital and acquired moles. A congenital mole appears at birth and is flat. These moles don’t become cancerous. Acquired moles develop throughout the years, and sun damage can be the cause. These moles are round and get darker.

The advantages of this treatment include:

The Treatment

We recommend an initial consultation with Dr. Rosenberg in Beverly Hills. He carefully examines your mole and determines the best treatment options for the removal treatment. Your customized treatment plan is based on your aesthetic goals and desired results. We can remove moles with minimal discomfort in a five-minute procedure. The procedure begins with a precision microblade application on the mole for surface removal. Then laser treatments or electrosurgery to smooth the scar’s edges and prevent the mole from reappearing. A YAG tattoo laser may be used on the treated area to diminish residual pigmentation that remains once the mole removal procedure is complete.

Mole Removal FAQs

Yes. Once the procedure is complete, we'll make an at-home skincare protocol customized to your skin for optimal results. It consists of a silicone-based scar gel infused with your natural growth factors. The skin care treatment can be applied for several weeks after treatment to improve skin healing.

A mole should be examined with a dermoscope if it’s asymmetrical, has uneven borders, and has a variety of colors.

Yes. Atypical moles can become cancerous.

The perfect candidate for mole removal is healthy and has no medical conditions that can interfere with their treatment.

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