EmFace emits synchronized RF (radiofrequency) and HIFES™ energies that work on the skin and muscles at the same time. For those who are looking for a non-invasive treatment that provides an improvement of skin appearance and physiological function, this technology restores and elevates the support of facial tissues. In addition, the treatment selectively contracts muscles and increases the density and quality of muscle structure.

Your treatment with EmFace will begin by placing specialty designed EmFace pads on the areas of the face that needs work. Then, the machine delivers thermal energy to the treatment areas and encourages mild contractions. Typical treatments last about 20 minutes, has minimal discomfort, and are non-invasive.

The treatment uses hand-free applicators to give radiofrequency simultaneously and HIFES™ energies. It remodels and smooths the skin by heating the dermis and increasing collagen and elastin fiber levels. In addition, the HIFES™ technology restores and elevates facial tissues by selectively contracting muscles and increasing the density and quality of your muscle structure. In clinical studies, EmFace proved an increase in collagen, an increase in resting muscle tone, a decrease in wrinkles, and an increased lift.

The advantages of this treatment include:

The Treatment

Soft earlobes can become torn from gauging or stretching earlobes. Dr. Rosenberg can repair damaged earlobes with reconstructive surgery techniques at our Beverly Hills office. Most procedures are performed using local anesthesia, and mild sedation is available. The procedure removes the excess skin while making small flaps of skin to redistribute and contour the earlobe to a natural shape. We’ll use small sutures to secure the placement of the reconstructed ear. The treatment takes less than one hour to complete.

EmFace FAQs

Statistics state that 26% of patients saw an increase in collagen, 30% felt an increase in facial muscle tone, 37% reduction in wrinkles, and 23% in the lift. All with non-invasive techniques!
EmFace applicators are designed to be used over the forehead and cheeks.
Every treatment is 20 minutes long. You may need four sessions scheduled 5-10 days apart. Our clinic will help you create a treatment plan tailored just to you.
During the treatment, you will feel contractions in addition to heating sensations. This heating sensation is comparable to a hot stone massage. Once the treatment is done, you can immediately return to your daily schedule.
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