Schnur Sliding Scale

Schnur Sliding Scale

Dr. David Rosenberg understands that women seeking breast reduction desire a lighter, more attractive shape, yet they also seek clarity on its medical necessity for insurance coverage. Utilizing the Schnur Sliding Scale, Dr. Rosenberg assists patients in determining the medical necessity of breast reduction and facilitates the presentation of accurate information to insurance providers.

Women seeking breast reduction often desire the procedure to attain a lighter, more aesthetically pleasing breast shape. Beyond aesthetic considerations, it's crucial to ascertain whether the surgery qualifies as medically necessary, as insurance coverage for breast reduction is typically contingent on this determination. Dr. Rosenberg relies on the Schnur Sliding Scale to assist patients in evaluating the medical necessity of their breast reduction. This assessment aids in presenting accurate information to insurance companies for potential coverage.

What is the Schnur Sliding Scale?

The Schnur Sliding Scale is an assessment tool designed for individuals contemplating breast reduction. Developed by a plastic surgeon through a study focused on medically necessary breast reduction procedures, this scale utilizes a chart. The chart factors in the patient's body surface area and estimates the average weight of breast tissue to be removed. For a breast reduction surgery to be considered medically necessary, the patient's body surface area and the weight of breast tissue to be removed must surpass the 22nd percentile. Conversely, if these values fall below the 22nd percentile, the breast reduction is not deemed medically necessary.

How is the schnur sliding scale used?

Expertise and experience in breast reduction surgery are essential for accurately predicting the amount of tissue removal required from each breast beforehand. Dr. Rosenberg also anticipates the amount of tissue to be removed that aligns with the criteria set by the patient's insurance company for medical necessity. Employing the Schnur Sliding Scale, Dr. Rosenberg ensures integrity and proper judgment in determining these crucial factors.

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