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Post-Weight Loss Surgery

Post-Weight Loss Surgery

Post-Weight Loss Surgery Was Developed For Patients Who Struggle With Excess Skin After Weight Loss. It Consists Of Improving The Digestive System To Assist Patients In Achieving A Slim Figure. We Can Discuss Relevant Details At The Consultation. If You Require Monthly Health Insurance Visits, We Have You Covered. Once The Surgery After Weight Loss Is Completed And You Have Healed, We Can Ensure That You Have Fulfilled The Screening Labs At The Indicated Intervals.


Patients With Sagging Skin Near Their Abdomen Or Excess Fatty Deposits Are Excellent Candidates. A Consultation With Dr. Rosenberg Will Give You More Insight Into The Results You Can Expect And Whether You Might Be A Candidate. Dr. Rosenberg Offers Customized Treatment Plans To Ensure You Get Optimal Results. Suppose You Have The Majority Of Skin Laxity On The Lower Abdomen, Below The Belly Button, Or Other Minimal Conditions. In That Case, You May Be An Excellent Candidate For A Mini Tummy Tuck. On The Contrary, A Full Tummy Tuck Is The Best Option If You Have Skin Laxity Throughout Your Upper And Lower Abdomen. If You Have A Moderate To Severe Condition, It May Take A Few Hours To Perform. Your Complete Results May Not Be Apparent Until Six Months After Treatment.


Liposuction Reduces Localized Areas Of Excess Fat That Don’t Harmonize With Other Body Areas. The Fat Removal Results In Enhanced Definition And A Slim Contour. The Body Toning Must Be Maintained And Improved With Post-Liposuction Exercises. Dr. Rosenberg Will Customize Your Regimen For Optimal Results. Liposuction Is More Complex Than Extracting The Fat Cells From The Treated Area. We Aim To Remove A Precise Amount Of Fat Cells For Natural Results While Shaping The Remaining Fat Cells By Improving The Patient’s Contour. Your Customized Treatment Plan Will Be Tailored To Your Natural Bone Structure To Ensure You Achieve A Natural Appearance.

Weight Reduction Surgery FAQs

A Clinical Study Said That 60-80% Of Patients Achieve Long-Term Success With This Procedure.

The Procedure Takes A Few Hours To Complete.

Yes. Most Patients Resume Their Daily Routines Within Three To Four Weeks With A Minimally Invasive Procedure.

Yes. This Is Achieved With The Banding Procedure. Reversal Is Only Performed For Patients With Chronic Medical Conditions.

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