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Peripheral Nerve

Peripheral Nerve


When a nerve is cut, the piece of nerve that is beyond the cut point eventually dies, however, the cut end of nerve will send out multiple sprouts in the direction of the nerve growth factor in all directions and eventually cluster and form a knot of nerve fibres. This eventually leads to the formation of a neuroma. If it is in a place on your foot where you put a lot of pressure, it will become very painful. Morton’s Neuroma is another type of peripheral nerve problem in the foot. The pain is caused by the repetitive compression of the common plantar digital nerve. This nerve lies between the heads of the metatarsal bones. Consequently, the neuroma that develops is not a true neuroma, but rather a manifestation of chronic nerve compression.

Peripheral Nerve​ FAQs

Nerves run throughout the body, carrying messages for movement and sensation. The nervous system is divided into two parts – the central nervous system and the peripheral nervous system.


The central nervous system lies in the “center” of the body and is made up of the brain and spinal cord. The peripheral nervous system extends out from the central nervous system to the extremities, such as the abdomen, groin, knee hands and feet.

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