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Inverted Nipple Correction

Inverted Nipple Correction was developed for patients with internal scar tissue, which causes their nipples to point inward, not outward, and may result in insecurities. A quick inverted nipple correction procedure can improve your appearance and confidence. Dr. Rosenberg applies local anaesthesia to your breasts to enhance your comfort and gently cuts beneath the base of your nipple. Then he lifts and sews your nipple to a bulging shape. Your milk ducts remain intact, and most patients get minimal or no sensitivities.

  • Achieves normal nipple projection
  • Prevents the nipple from shrinking within the breasts
  • Improves contour and symmetry
  • Reduces insecurities
  • Results in a healthy appearance
We use a few modalities to provide patients with a nipple appearance that’s natural and aesthetically appealing. Most patients get nipple reconstruction surgery after a breast reconstruction procedure, which can be the last treatment in the breast restoration process. Dr. Rosenberg will determine if you’ll have to wear an appliance such as a plastic shield or suction device before the procedure to bring out your inverted nipples. These appliances reveal your inverted nipples with gentle pressure and can take a few weeks to see results. Nipple reconstruction can be achieved by grafting skin to make a mound and then tattooing the areola to complete the appearance.

Inverted Nipple Correction FAQs

It varies for each patient, and we’ll determine the best technique for you at your consultation. There are two techniques used in this procedure. If you’re a woman that breastfeeds, there is partial preservation of the milk ducts technique with incisions at the base of the nipple. Women who won’t breastfeed can get a milk duct detachment. These techniques use nipple stimulation for optimal results.
An inverted nipple procedure treats the nipple shape and size. It alters the breast tissue and milk ducts. This results in a release of the nipple.
The ideal candidate has one or both of their nipples flat or inverted and is seeking a surgical correction.
Yes. You may get mild scars, changes in sensations, and an inability to breastfeed.
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