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Neuromodulators can be administered to improve hyperhidrosis for a few months temporarily. This solution prevents the activation of the sweat glands. The procedure consists of small doses of the neuromodulator applied directly within the area’s muscles. These neuromodulators can block the secretion of the chemical that activates the body’s sweat glands preventing sweating within the injected site.

  • Treats the underarms, feet, and palms
  • Noninvasive procedure
  • Quickly performed by licensed providers
  • Diminishes sweat marks

IPL requires hours of training to perform correctly and continues to advance to provide ways to assist patients with their skin problems and concerns. Schedule a consultation at Rosenberg Plastic Surgery to determine if IPL is the right treatment for you.

The procedure takes twenty to forty minutes to complete depending on the size of the area. Most patients get brief minimal discomfort. Your provider may numb the area with a cold pack before administering the solution to enhance your comfort. A customized amount of the neuromodulator is provided beneath the skin of the areas that get excessive sweating. This treatment doesn’t remove or permanently deactivate sweat glands. We recommend regular maintenance procedures to prolong the results. Your hyperhidrosis condition is unique, and a personalized number of treatments is determined at your consultation. Most patients get two treatments a year for optimal results.

Hyperhidrosis FAQs

The results become visible one week after treatment.
The results last four months, depending on the treated site. You may get supplementary treatments to maintain the results.
Yes. You might get redness, bruising, and swelling. These symptoms subside within a few hours.
Hyperhidrosis is treated in areas such as the underarms, feet, head, hands, etc.
The neuromodulators reduce sweating by changing how the nerve signals interact within your body. It prevents nerve signals from reaching the sweat glands. The sweating is stopped once the signals can’t reach the sweat glands.
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