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Hair Restoration

Hair Restoration

Natural Growth Factor Treatment For Hair Reduction Can Regrow And Thicken Your Hair With Only A Few Injections. Dr. Rosenberg And The Team At Rosenberg Plastic Surgery Can Help Rejuvenate Your Hair Follicles Naturally By Injecting Your Blood Into The Scalp And Hairline. Natural Growth Factors Stimulate Blood Flow And Supercharges The Body’s Growth Cycle, Resulting In Healthier Hair Follicles And Potentially Thicker Growth. Natural Growth Factor Treatment Can Give You A Noninvasive Solution, Whether Your Hair Reduction Was Caused By Factors Such As Stress, Genetics, Or A Medical Condition. Improve Your Quality Of Life With Hair Restoration Treatment.

  • Extremely Safe
  • Reverses Signs Of Aging
  • Creates Lasting Benefits
  • Is Natural
  • Is Scientifically Proven
  • Promotes Collagen Production
  • Is Injectable
  • Provides Alternatives To More Invasive Treatments

Natural Growth Factors Stands For Thrombocyte Enriched Cells. This Regenerative Injection Therapy Uses A Concentration Of Thrombocytes And Active Proteins In Your Blood To Promote Healing And Cell Renewal. Natural Growth Factor Injections Extract Your Blood Cells Via Centrifuge, Which Are Re-Administered Through Injection. Natural Growth Factors Are Used As A Natural Way To Heal Your Body, Stimulate Cells To Create Collagen, And Promote The Growth Process Of The Hair Follicles In Both Men And Women. Most People Enjoy Significant Hair Regrowth And The Return Of Hair Thickness.

Hair Restoration FAQs

The Results Can Last Up To Twelve Weeks. 

The Results Will Appear One Week After The Procedure.

Natural Growth Factor Injections Treat Hair Reduction, And All Adult Patients Are Excellent Candidates. We’ll Determine Your Eligibility At The Consultation.

Natural Growth Factor Injection Therapies Are Very Safe And Require No Downtime—Allowing You To Resume Regular Activities Immediately After Treatment. It May Cause Mild Discomfort, Swelling, Or Redness At The Injection Site.

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