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Fat Transfer To The Breasts

Fat Transfer to the breasts extracts fat from an area of the body and is used to plump the injected region. This treatment was the go-to solution in the medical field for more than a century and has become popular for aesthetic purposes. Our experienced professionals at Rosenberg Plastic Surgery use modern new innovative technology that lets us retrieve 95% fat for injection. The fatty tissue from the patient’s blood is used to enhance the volume reduction that occurs throughout the years.

  • Reduces laxity
  • Relies on your tissue
  • Long-lasting results
  • Remarkable versatility
  • RemarkablSafe and effectivee versatility
  • Contours the breasts
We use advanced harvesting techniques to replace synthetic substances that many procedures provide. The fat cells can be transferred from within the breasts to enhance the volume. The length of your treatment varies and is determined at your consultation.
  • Adjusts breast asymmetry
  • Natural enlargement of your breasts using fat from your hips, abdomen, or thighs
  • Minimal recovery
  • Natural volume
  • An enhanced physique
  • Minimal to no scars around the breasts
  • Improved self-confidence
  • A balanced figure
  • Conceals implant edges preventing rippling
  • Enhances the shape of the breasts for a natural appearance
Yes. You might get bruising and swelling. These symptoms resolve within a few days.

Fat Transfer to Breast FAQs

This treatment has minimal recovery. Dr. Rosenberg will provide you with aftercare instructions.
The results will appear immediately after the treatment. A fraction of the injected fat cells are absorbed by the body, and we’ll inject more fat cells to give the region a fuller appearance.
The number of procedures varies for each patient. If you’d like substantial volume, then you may get several treatments. We strive to give you natural results.
Yes. You might get bruising and swelling. These symptoms resolve within a few days.
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