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Fat Grafting to the Buttocks (Brazilian Butt Lift)

Fat Grafting to the Buttocks (Brazilian Butt Lift)

Our Beverly Hills Brazilian Buttock Lift Is A Spotlight Favorite Procedure That Uses Fat Grafting To Augment The Buttocks. This Technique Enhances The Size And Shape Of The Buttocks Using Fat Extracted From Other Areas Of The Body. The Best Perk? This Treatment Slims And Contours The Waist, Hips, Back, And Abdomen To Harvest Fat, Resulting In Augmented Buttocks For Defined Curves. Dr. Rosenberg Has Extensive Training And Experience In Fat Grafting Procedures. He Provides Patients With Gentle Treatment In Beverly Hills, CA, And Natural Outcomes.

  • Uses Your Natural Fat To Augment The Buttocks
  • No Surgical Scars On The Buttocks Because Injections Produce No Visible Marks
  • Enhances Your Derriere While Slimming Your Waist And Other Areas
  • Minimally Invasive Procedure
  • Quicker Procedure With Less Downtime

The Procedure Consists Of Ultrasound Assisted Injection Technique To Enhance Your Safety And Comfort. Dr. Rosenberg Strives To Use The Best Techniques To Ensure That The Transferred Fat Cells Are Placed Precisely To Improve The Results. Adequately Placing The Transferred Cells Within The Area Prevents Conflicts. With Ultrasound, The Fat Cells Are Injected Between The Skin And Muscles, Which Optimizes The Shape Of Your Buttocks While Preserving Your Health. The Safety Features Of The Ultrasound Device Include That It’s Wireless, Has Settings To Optimize The Imaging, And Has Higher Needle Guidance Throughout The Procedure.

Brazilian Buttock Lift FAQs

The Brazilian Buttock Lift Results In Firm, Perkier Buttocks, A Slim Stomach And Waist, And An Improved Body Profile. The Procedure Can Be Performed Using General Anesthesia Or IV Sedation.

Dr. Rosenberg Uses Advanced Fat Grafting Techniques To Harvest The Fat From The Abdomen, Back, Hips, Or Other Areas. The Fat Is Purified By Spinning It In A Centrifuge And Injected To Improve The Volume And Shape Of The Buttocks.

Yes. You May Experience Tenderness In The Buttocks. This Symptom Subsides Within A Few Days.

Yes. You May Experience Fluid Build-Up, Bulges, Scars, And Changes In Sensation. These Symptoms Subside Within A Few Days.

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