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Breast Revision Surgery

Dr. Rosenberg is also an expert in fixing problems after previous breast surgery. This includes surgery to address the hardening of the breasts after breast augmentation (known as capsular contracture) or even disabling pain after breast surgery. Sometimes, previous surgeries have left large scars which women would like improved.

  • You would like a larger or smaller breast implant
  • You would like another implant shape
  • You are bothered by visible folds in their implants
  • Your implants have ruptured
  • You have concerns about the longevity of your implant
  • You suffer from capsular contracture, a condition where scar tissue develops around the implant, causing the breast to harden
  • Your implants have migrated to an undesirable location
  • Your breast tissue has caused the implant to look less voluminous
  • You would like to remove the breast implant
  • Your breast are unequal in size or shape

If you have any of the above problems, then Dr. Rosenberg can help. He has extensive experience in breast procedures. During your consultation, we’ll discuss your medical and surgical history. Your aesthetic concerns will also be evaluated. Based on this information and your unique anatomy, Dr. Rosenberg will recommend a custom treatment plan best suited for your needs.

Breast Revision FAQs

If you’d like to revise a recent breast augmentation performed by another provider that had unsatisfactory results, then you’re an excellent candidate for breast revision. Dr. Rosenberg can discuss the results at the consultation.
The procedure takes one to two hours to perform. You can resume your daily routine within a few weeks after treatment.
No. We use safe, effective techniques to give you natural results that enhance your appearance.
Breast implants should be replaced after ten years. They aren’t permanent.
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