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Breast Booster

Breast Booster

J-Plasma Uses Cold Plasma Energy Applied Beneath The Skin To Tighten, Sculpt, And Rejuvenate The Stretched Skin Giving You Natural Results With Minimal Downtime. It’s A Revolutionary Treatment, And Cold Plasma Energy Stimulates Instant Skin Contraction Because Of The Shrinking Skin Cells. The Procedure Uses A Cannula With A Warm Tip Inserted Beneath The Skin To Capture The Fat Cells Completely. J-Plasma Uses A Gentle Waveform To Convert Helium Into A Cold Atmospheric Plasma. Helium Is Unique In Providing Tissue Healing And Cooling.

  • Voluptuous Breasts And Decollete
  • Improves Cleavage
  • Rejuvenates Skin
  • Diminishes Fine Lines And Wrinkles
  • Minimizes Sun Damage
  • Reduces Skin Flaws
  • Reversal Of Inverted Nipples

The Procedure Begins With A Blood Draw Spun In A Centrifuge To Concentrate The Natural Growth Factors. The Growth Factors Are Placed Into A Syringe, And Your Provider Injects It Within The Breasts And Decollete. Thrombocyte-Enriched Cells Contain Several Growth Factors And Compounds That Repair Unhealthy Tissues. Your Breasts Will Gradually Appear Firmer With A Strengthened Cleavage. You May Also Experience Enhanced Sensation And Youthful Skin Because Of Improved Circulation In The Area Of Treatment. The Procedure Takes Thirty Minutes To An Hour To Complete.

Breast Booster FAQs

The Breast Booster Injections Treat Areas Such As Cleavage, Decollete, Breast Tissue, Areola, And Nipples.

No. The Results Are Temporary. It Can Take Several Procedures To Achieve Optimal Results. The Treatments Are Performed On A Monthly Basis.

The Results Can Last Two Years. We Recommend Combining The Treatment With Other Procedures To Enhance The Results.

Yes. You May Get Mild Bruising, Redness, And Discomfort. These Symptoms Subside Within A Few Days.

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