Body Contouring 

Body Contouring (J-Plasma)

At our practice, we believe that every transformation begins with precision and is elevated by the artistry of skilled hands.

At the forefront of modern plastic surgery, Dr. David Rosenberg integrates cutting-edge solutions to enhance precision and elevate patient outcomes. J-Plasma, our latest addition to the arsenal of advanced techniques, is a game-changer in achieving superior results with unparalleled precision.

J-Plasma – a revolutionary advancement in the field of medical technology. J-Plasma, short for "cold helium plasma technology," represents a groundbreaking approach to precision surgery and tissue rejuvenation. Developed with the aim of providing surgeons and patients with a safer, more effective alternative to traditional procedures,
J-Plasma has garnered significant attention in the medical community.

The Procedure

J-Plasma uses cold plasma energy applied beneath the skin to tighten, sculpt, and rejuvenate the stretched skin giving you natural results with minimal downtime. It’s a revolutionary treatment, and cold plasma energy stimulates instant skin contraction because of the shrinking skin cells. The procedure uses a cannula with a warm tip inserted beneath the skin to capture the fat cells completely. J-Plasma uses a gentle waveform to convert helium into a cold atmospheric plasma. Helium is unique in providing tissue healing and cooling.

Key Benefits

Precision Redefined
Dr. Rosenberg's meticulous approach to plastic surgery is now complemented by J-Plasma's revolutionary technology. This advanced system allows for precise tissue treatment with reduced collateral damage, ensuring a level of precision that exceeds conventional methods.

Enhanced Recovery
Our commitment to your well-being extends to minimizing downtime. With J-Plasma's lower thermal impact, patients experience expedited recovery times, allowing you to resume your daily activities with minimal interruption.

Aesthetic Artistry
Dr. David Rosenberg is renowned for his artistic touch, and J-Plasma is the perfect canvas. This technology enhances Dr. Rosenberg's ability to sculpt and contour, delivering results that harmonize with your natural beauty.

Faster Recovery
With reduced thermal damage and minimal impact on surrounding tissues, patients undergoing J-Plasma procedures experience faster recovery times. This innovative technology aims to enhance patient comfort and satisfaction, setting a new standard for minimally invasive interventions.

The advantages

Treats skin on the face, neck, and body​

No large incisions or scars ​

Minimal downtime and fast recovery ​

Safe, quick, and precise ​

Natural results ​

J-Plasma FAQs

How does J-Plasma differ from traditional surgical methods?

Unlike traditional electrosurgical devices, J-Plasma operates at lower temperatures, minimizing thermal damage to surrounding tissues. This results in reduced downtime, faster recovery, and enhanced precision during surgical procedures.


What types of surgical procedures can benefit from J-Plasma?

J-Plasma is versatile and finds applications across multiple surgical specialties, including plastic and reconstructive surgery, gynecology, general surgery, and dermatology. It is used for procedures such as skin resurfacing, tissue tightening, and scar revision.


What areas can be treated with J-Plasma?

The treated areas include the abdomen, arms, axillary, back, bra bulge, buttocks, cellulite, chin, chest, flanks, knees, and thighs.


How does J-Plasma contribute to faster recovery times?

J-Plasma's unique technology minimizes thermal damage to surrounding tissues, allowing for faster healing and recovery. Patients often experience less postoperative discomfort and are able to resume their normal activities more quickly.


Is J-Plasma suitable for all patients?

J-Plasma is a safe and effective technology; however, its suitability depends on various factors, including the specific procedure and the patient's medical history. Your surgeon will assess your individual case to determine if J-Plasma is the right choice for you.


Are the results of J-Plasma permanent?

You may experience tightness, mild swelling, and bruising after the procedure. These symptoms subside within a few weeks.

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