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Patient Testimonials

Thank you so much. I don’t know how I could every repay what you have done for me. Seriously so happy with my results. You are amazing.

Patient of Dr. Rosenberg (Gynecomastia Surgery)

Dear Dr. Rosenberg,
We want to thank you and your staff for the courteous and caring way we were treated while in your office. we want to thank you Dr. Rosenberg for your excellent surgery skills. You have made a great difference in Theresa’s future to walk without limping. Happy Holidays to All!

Client of Dr. Rosenberg

Dr. Rosenberg is a meticulous surgeon with the an acute attention to detail. In all he does he makes sure to air on the side of safety and precision, with his surgery and his recovery instructions. I am very happy with my results. The day of my surgery was a breeze, and the recovery was not as bad as I was expecting. Dr. Rosenberg and his team were great at being in contact with me at all times, and my overall experience was fantastic. He was recommended to me by friends and I can see why, he is the best in LA.

hslusher via realself.com

I have been wanted to do a chemical peel for a while now, but was always scared by the downtime and to burn my skin like so many of my girlfriends. I needed to treat wrinkles, fines lines, sun damage and uneven skin. After meeting a women in her 60s with an amazing skin, at my country club, in August, I decided to follow her recommendations and to order the Gorgeous TCA Peel from I’m Fabulous Cosmetics. I ended up ordering the Bio Gorgeous peel that I used every night for 7 days, the Gorgeous TCA peel that I use twice that same week, one treatment on Monday and one treatment on Friday and been using the Retinol 2.5% from I’m Fabulous Cosmetics as well, every single night before bedtime. I did not get frosting or downtime but my skin flake and I got amazing results. Especially on my skin texture and skin color.

lisaleiser via realself.com

Dr. Rosenberg and all the support staff did a terrific job for me. I could not have asked for better service. The peripheral nerve repair surgery seems to be the answer to my right leg problem, which Dr. Rosenberg performed without error on my leg.

Ken B.

I just wanted to thank you for such great care for my hand surgery. At first during everything I was scared. However after you met with me in the hospital, I felt better. The outcome of all this is amazing. Thank you and I thank God for people like you. I wish you a successful career.

Derek A.

Thank you for taking away my pain and giving me my life back. It is so nice to finally be pain free!

Michelle H.

Thank you for your kind, compassionate perseverance!

Sheila H.

Thank you for taking the journey to become the doctor and person you are. We are humbly grateful for your service. Thank you for the care and real concern you have for people, and thank you for your healing hands.

Chace S.

I don’t have words to adequately thank you enough for what is obviously a successful outcome ending my 6 year nightmare. You are a love, an expert at what you do, and a nice guy too.

Michael L.

I love my results! Dr. Rosenberg was fantastic!!!


After doing some research, I am very well satisfied with Dr. Rosenberg. They have made my first experience easy and comforting. They explained everything that helped me recover in a good timely manner and followed up with a friendly courtesy call during my healing process. It was everything I can expect in excellent care and service. I was very well satisfied that I did a second procedure. Thank you once again Dr Rosenberg.


Dr. Rosenberg really knows what he is doing, u can tell he loves what he does, and loves helping people feel better about themselves, the 1st procedure was noticeable as soon as I got home, my family was very happy and excited about what they were seeing, it was amazing, I went to work on the 3rd day and felt better and better, I just went in to get the 2nd area, and I requested Dr. Rosenberg again, I felt so comfortable with him, I know I was in good hands. I am so glad I decided to do these procedures, I feel so much better about myself and I like what I see now, I feel more confident.

Gloria V.

I had lost ninety-five pounds and eight inches from my waist. The last remnants remained and I knew no amount of sit-ups, crunches, or diet changes were going to eliminate the fat. At fifty-seven, a male, I also wanted a flat stomach, something lost when I began to put on weight through negligence, poor diet, and lack of exercise. Dr. Rosenberg took his time with me and his reassurance of the outcome followed my expectations. Dr. Rosenberg performed an outstanding job in removing the fat and shaping my body, giving me my flat stomach from years ago. Additionally, my comfort and outcome has been number one to both him and the staff. Personally, I believe Dr. Rosenberg offers an accurate outcome and realistic expectations of what one can expect. For example, I asked if I would have any definition under the layer of fat to be removed and he told me no. It was a bit of a disappointment, but I realized he only wanted me to see the truth. Are the muscles hard around my waist and stomach? Yes, they are. Have I achieved a somewhat V shape? Yes, I have. I’ll continue working on improving myself, but it’s Dr. Rosenberg who helped me see not what is, but what can be. I’m very grateful to have had him as my surgeon. My only suggestion Dr. Rosenberg, laugh a little more. You’re too young and life is too short. Again, thank you very much.

Roger E.

Not only are you a great sugeon, you are so available, patient, and easy to talk to. Really important for anyone who is going through these painful conditions. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending you to anyone and wished more Doctors had your skill at communicating what to expect. Please feel free to use me anytime to speak with any hesitant patient. It’s the least I could do for you after all the relief I’ve experienced while in your care.

Andrea T

Thank you so very much for helping me get back to my old self. I was scared and nervous the first time until our consultation. You really eased my fears and calmed my nerves. My mom loved you and your staff. Keep an eye out for my special thank you. It’s not much but it definitely comes from the heart!!!! I can’t thank you enough. Have a blessed day.


Dr. Rosenberg and the staff are absolutely amazing!!! They definitely give you first class treatment while making you feel at home. I’m an average size guy with a little problem area around my waistline. I live a pretty healthy lifestyle. I watch what I eat, and work out at least 4 times a week. I just couldn’t get rid of my love handles. Let me tell you, BEST DECISION I ever made! I’m in my 8th week of recovery, and I can see a huge difference. I can’t wait for my full result, and to see my new body!

Richard N.

Last month I underwent liposuction and I am very happy and satisfied with my overall experience and the results I have already seen with my body. Dr. David Rosenberg did my procedure and I was very happy with his credentials and experience. I was also impressed that he called me hours after my procedure to see how I was doing.

Audra B.

I love Dr. Rosenberg and his staff!!! From the moment I walked into the door everyone was polite, encouraging, and understanding. I have made it to my 4 week mark and feel great about myself. Going into my 4th week, I was able to tuck my shirt in my pants for the first time in years and look nice and feel wonderful. I received so many compliments on how good I looked and how I’m losing weight, lol! To Dr. Rosenberg and staff, thank you so much for helping me achieve a goal, that beforehand I knew was impossible. I’m extremely thankful!!!!


A special note of gratitude for Dr. Rosenberg for his professionalism and caring attitude. I am already happy with the immediate results and looking forward to see the “perfect” results as I am currently on my way to the 3 month recovery cycle. I feel a lot lighter and confident. Thank you! Keep up the good work.


I recently had my upper and lower abdomen, waist and chest area done. The entire procedure took less than 1 1/hrs. The pain was very minimum during and after the procedure. It’s now been almost a month since I had my procedure, I notice a big difference my chest area and waist area. The staff there was great and they walk me through the entire procedure. The rate for the procedures are reasonable.


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