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When Should A Woman Start Hormone Therapy?

Hormones Are Chemical Messengers That Help Coordinate Your Body’s Processes, Including Metabolism, Growth And Development, Emotions, Mood, Sexual Function, And Sleep. Hormones Are Powerful. It Simply Takes A Small Amount To Create Significant Alterations In Cells Or Your Entire Body. That Is Why Having Too Much Or Too Little Of A Hormone Can Change The Body Drastically.

Endocrine Glands Produce A Particular Group Of Cells Which Are The Hormones. The Primary Endocrine Glands Are The Pituitary, Pineal, Thymus, Thyroid, Adrenal Glands, And Pancreas. Furthermore, Men Manufacture Hormones In Their Testicles, Whereas Women Generate Them In Their Ovaries. Doctors May Give Hormone Therapy To Men To Help Them Deal With Issues Such As Sexual Dysfunction, Bone Fractures, And Other Symptoms.

Hormone Therapy Is The Use Of Hormones In Medical Treatment. It Can Be A Treatment Using Estrogen Or A Combination Of Estrogen Or Progestin (Female Hormones). Hormone Therapy Was Once Used To Treat Menopausal Symptoms And Is Proven To Help Prevent Bone Loss And Reduce Fracture In Postmenopausal Women, Hot Flashes, And Vaginal Discomfort. 

However, There Are Hazards To Using Hormone Therapy. These Dangers Are Determined By The Type Of Hormone Therapy, The Dose, The Duration Of Treatment, And Your Health Concerns. Hormone Therapy Should Be Adjusted To Each And Regularly Reevaluated To Ensure That The Benefits Still Exceed The Hazards.

What Are The Types Of Hormone Therapy?

Hormone Therapy Can Take Several Forms. Finding Out What Works For You Is Essential When Starting Hormone Therapy.

For Example, Most Women Who Take Estrogen And Still Have A Uterus Must Also Take Progestin. Endometrial (Uterine) Cancer Risk Is Decreased By Taking Both Hormones Simultaneously. Endometrial Cancer Cannot Be Contracted By Women Who Have Had Their Uterus Removed. As A Result, Estrogen Alone Is Advised For Them.

Estrogen May Come In Nasal Spray, Pills Or Oral Medication, Skin Gel Or Patches Usually Applied To The Belly Or Thighs, Vaginal Creams Or Tablets To Help In Dryness And Pain During Sexual Intercourse, And Vaginal Rings.

Progesterone Is A Type Of Female Hormone. As Part Of Hormone Replacement Therapy, It Lowers The Amount Of Estrogen In The Uterus. It Stimulates Menstruation By Supplementing The Natural Progesterone That Some Women Lack. Additionally, Progesterone Can Be Used To Treat Amenorrhea And Infertility.

Progesterone Or Progestin Comes In Pills, Skin Patches, Vaginal Creams And Suppositories, Intrauterine Devices, Or Intrauterine Systems.

What Are The Symptoms That You Need For Hormone Therapy?

For Women, Menopause Is Frequently Accompanied By Hormonal Imbalance, And The Loss Of Estrogen Can Put Them At Risk Of Premature Ovarian Failure, Heart Disease, Colon Cancer, Osteoporosis, Diabetes, And Other Significant Health Repercussions.

Some Signs That You May Observe In Yourself For Hormone Replacement Treatment For Women Are Feeling Difficulty In Sleeping And Decreased Muscle Strength. You May Also Feel Reduced Sexual Desire, Exhaustion, Low Energy, And Fatigue. Accumulation Of Fat Around The Stomach And Midsection Area And, Weight Gain, Thinning Of Hair May Also Occur. Dryer Skin And Brain Fog Making It Harder To Focus Can Indicate That You May Need This Treatment. Mood Changes, Anxiety, And Depression May Be Possible—Difficulty In Losing Weight And Muscle Pain. 

When Should A Woman Start Hormone Therapy?

Suppose You Are A Woman Approaching Your Forties. It’s That Moment In Your Life When Your Periods Begin To End And Your Body Changes. You May Be Going Through Heat Flashes, Which You Have Heard.

Without Hormone Replacement Therapy, Most Women Develop Severe Symptoms Of Estrogen Deficiency. They Are More Likely To Develop Osteoporosis, Cardiovascular Disease, Cognitive Decline, Dementia, And Related Morbidity And Mortality Increases.

What Are The Benefits And Drawbacks Of Hormonal Therapy?

A General Practitioner Can Explain The Different Types Of HRT Available And Help You Choose The One Best For You. You’ll Typically Start With A Low Dose And Gradually Raise It. It May Take Many Weeks To Feel The Effects Of Treatment, And Some Side Effects May Occur Initially. A Doctor Typically Recommends Three Months Of Therapy To See If It Helps. If It Does Not, They May Advise You To Change Your Dose Or The Type Of HRT You Use.

Who Can Take Hormonal Therapy?

  1. Hormonal Therapy May Not Be Appropriate If You:

    • Have A Family History Of Breast, Ovarian, Or Womb Cancer
    • Have A Blood Clot History
    • High Blood Pressure (You Must First Control Your Blood Pressure Before Starting HRT.)
    • Have Liver Disease
    • Pregnant Women 

What Are The Benefits And Drawbacks Of Taking Hormonal Therapy?

  1. Hormonal Therapy Can Also Give Beneficial Effects Such As Reducing The Risk Of Various Chronic Conditions That Can Affect Postmenopausal Women, Including:

    • Diabetes
    • Osteoporosis
    • Colon Cancer
    • Cardiovascular Disease 
    • Preventing Vaginal Dryness
    • Relieving Hot Flashes

    Hormone Therapy Can Help Alleviate Menopausal Symptoms. However, If Used Long-Term, It Is Connected With Several Significant Hazards. It Is Important To Note That HRT Must Be Prescribed For Each Woman. Some Women Experience Side Effects During The Initial Stages Of Treatment; Depending On The Type And Amount Of HRT, Some Women Have Adverse Effects In The Early Phases. 

    Some Of The Adverse Effects You Will Experience During The Initial Stages Of Taking Hormonal Therapy:

    • Breakthrough Bleeding
    • Breast Tenderness
    • Bloating
    • Nausea

How Can You Manage The Risks Of Side Effects Of Hormone Therapy?

    • Choose The Best Product And Delivery Option For Your Needs. You Can Take Estrogen As A Tablet, Patch, Gel, Vaginal Cream, Slow-Releasing Suppository, Or Vaginal Ring. If You Have Vaginal Symptoms From Menopause, Estrogen As A Low-Dose Vaginal Cream, Tablet, Or Call Is Usually A Better Option Than An Oral Pill Or A Skin Patch. 
    • Consult With Your Doctor Regularly To Monitor And Ensure That You Get Hormone Therapy’s Benefits.
    • Incorporate Physical Activity And Exercise Into Your Daily Routine, Eat A Nutritious Diet, Maintain A Healthy Weight, Don’t Smoke, Drink In Moderation, Manage Stress, And Manage Chronic Health Concerns Such As High Cholesterol Or High Blood Pressure.


It Is Natural For Women To Experience Drastic Changes There May Be Ideal For Taking Hormone Therapy Approaching Menopause. Hormone Therapy Can Help In Managing Menopausal Hot Flashes Along With Practicing A Healthier Lifestyle. Talk To Your Doctor About Your Specific Symptoms And Health Concerns To See If Hormone Therapy Is An Appropriate Treatment Option For You. Maintain The Dialogue Throughout Your Menopausal Years.

To Learn More About Hormone Therapy, You Can Book An Appointment At Rosenberg Plastic Surgery For Safe, Comfortable, Outstanding Clinical Knowledge And Surgical Skill That Will Give You The Best Results In Your Beauty And Health Journey. 


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