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What Does Opus Plasma Do, And How Can It Help You?

Nowadays, There Are A Lot Of Options For Facial Skin Rejuvenation. Luckily, The World Of Cosmetics Has Come To An Age Where People Are Presented With Many Options. Instead Of Opting For Risky And Traditional Surgical Facelifts, You Can Now Have That Youthful And Rejuvenated Glow In Just 20 Minutes!

The Medical Technology Opus Plasma Has Recently Drawn Much Interest From The Cosmetics Industry. It Is A Step Up From Laser Treatments And May Improve Your Skin In Several Ways While Producing Exceptional Outcomes Through Fractional Skin Resurfacing. With Opus Plasma Skin Resurfacing, One Of Our Newest And Most Cutting-Edge Technologies, We’re Thrilled To Assist Patients In Achieving Their Most Delicate Skin.

Here’s Everything You Need To Know.

What Is An Opus Plasma?

Opus Plasma Is A Groundbreaking High-Frequency Unipolar Radiofrequency Technology. To Stimulate Collagen Formation And Renew The Skin, Opus Plasma Mixes Radiofrequency And Microplasma Energy To Make Microscopic Channels In The Skin. Although It Utilizes A Similar Method To Microneedling Or Other Fractional Ablative Laser Treatments, Plasma Technology Provides Some Of The Most Significant Advantages.

The Idea Behind Fractional Resurfacing Methods Like Opus Plasma Is To Cause Controlled Damage And Thereby Trigger A Wound-Healing Response, Gradually Improving The Skin’s Quality. Although It May Sound Like You Are Doing More Damage To The Skin By Undergoing The Opus Plasma Treatment, It Gives Your Skin A Chance To Heal By Itself.

What Advantages Does Opus Plasma Have?

The Opus Plasma Technology Can Lessen Inflammation By Carefully Regulating Contact Time Since It Employs Plasma Energy. It Indicates That Compared To Other Treatment Alternatives, It Has A Significantly Shorter Downtime.

Other Benefits Include:

  1. Enhance Skin Texture And Tone. After Getting The Treatment, Your Skin Will Automatically Appear Renewed And Soft To The Touch.
  2. This Cutting-Edge Technology Uses Plasma Energy To Restore Your Skin. It Tightens The Skin To Treat Various Skin Issues, Such As Skin Laxity, Dullness, Enlarged Pores, Damaged Blood Vessels, And Fine Lines And Wrinkles.  
  3. It Reduces Hyperpigmentation Of The Skin. Hyperpigmentation Is A Skin Condition That Results In Dark Areas Of Skin On Persons With Usually Fair Skin. To Cure Hyperpigmentation, Use The Opus Plasma Laser Skin Resurfacing Procedure. Similarly, It Is Secure For Treating Hyperpigmentation In Patients With Various Skin Tones.
  4. It Is A Solution For Your Stretch Marks. Opus Plasma Is Excellent For Treating Stretch Marks On The Body Brought On By Weight Gain And Loss Or Pregnancy.
  5. Opus Plasma Also Treats Any Scarring In Your Body Brought On By Acne Or Trauma.

Even Though Opus Plasma Is Frequently Used To Enhance The Look Of Facial Skin, This Treatment May Also Be Used For Other Parts Of The Body, Such As:

  • Eyes
  • Lips
  • Neck
  • Chest
  • Abdomen
  • Arms
  • Legs
  • Knees

How Many Sessions Of Opus Plasma Therapy Are Needed, And How Long Does Each Session Last?

Opus Plasma May Be Carried Out Using A Topical Numbing Cream And Needs A Brief, 15-Minute Treatment Session. It Implies That To Get The Desired Results, You Can Fit Them Into Your Usual Schedule And Additional Therapy Sessions.

For The Best Outcomes, Most Patients Need A Course Of Treatment, So We Will Ensure You Know When To Schedule Your Next Appointment. Although We Advise Two To Three Sessions For The Most Excellent Outcomes, You’ll Probably See Changes After Just One Session.

What Does Recovery Of Opus Plasma Look Like?

Your Skincare Objectives And Course Of Therapy Will Determine How You Recover. According To Clinical Research, Opus Plasma Needs 50% Less Downtime Than Laser Alternatives So That You May Resume Your Normal Activities Much Faster.

In Actuality, Most Patients Only Have A Little Mild To Moderate Edema And Redness Over The First Two Days. After Your First Treatment, You’ll Notice A Significant Transformation, And As You Continue Receiving Sessions, Your Outcomes Will Only Improve. For Optimum Results, Most Patients Require Two Or Three Treatments.

Opus Plasma Skin Resurfacing Has A Faster Healing Time Than Conventional Laser Resurfacing, Which Takes Weeks Longer. With The Help Of Modern Technology, You Can Achieve The Same Skin Improvements Without The Harmful Effects Of Traditional Laser Resurfacing Procedures.

Are You Ready For An Opus Plasma Treatment?

The Opus Plasma System’s Incredible Versatility And Ability To Be Tailored To Your Skin Type, Tone, And Problem Areas Make It One Of The Most Remarkable Features. In Contrast To Other Treatments Like Microneedling, It May Be Utilized On The Face And In Temperate Regions Like The Eyes And Lips. Opus Plasma Can Reduce Stretch Marks And Surgical Scars On Any Body Part. Your Technician Can Precisely Adjust The Energy Level During Treatment To Meet Your Needs And Prevent Unwelcome Inflammation And Plasma Contact.

How Safe Is The Opus Plasma Procedure, And Is There Any Risks Involved?

The Opus Plasma System Has A Good Safety Profile That Reduces Skin Injury Since Your Technician Can Carefully Regulate It. Your Technician Will Apply The Opus Plasma Device Close To Your Skin Throughout The Procedure, Allowing The Device’s Tip To Produce Plasma Energy From The Surrounding Environment. This Energy Then Forms The Skin’s Small Channels. These Channels Reach The Skin’s Deepest Layers And Activate Your Body’s Natural Healing Process, Providing Your Skin With A Younger-Looking, Firmer, And Brighter Appearance.

There Are No Severe Side Effects After Receiving An Opus Plasma Procedure. However, Most Patients Only Have Fleeting, Mild To Moderate Redness, Swelling Resembling A Sunburn, And A Tight, Dry Feeling On The Skin.

After Having Treatment, Patients Are Advised To Stay Out Of Direct Sunlight For Maximum Effectiveness. Also, Avoid Intense Exercise 24 Hours Post-Treatment And Drink Plenty Of Fluids.

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