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Medical Laser Treatments: More Than Just For Hair Reduction

Lasers In Medicine Enable Surgeons To Operate With Absolute Precision By Concentrating On A Tiny Region, Causing Minimal Damage To The Surrounding Tissue. Medical Laser Treatment May Result In Less Pain, Edema, And Scars Compared To Standard Surgery.

Contrary To Popular Belief, Lasers Are Utilized For More Than Only Laser Hair Removal. Depending On Their Wavelength And Penetration, Different Lasers Have A Distinct Spectrum.

Laser Treatment Is One Of The Most Popular Cosmetic Treatments In The World. It’s Also One Of The Most Efficient, But It’s Not Just For Removing Unwanted Hair. Medical Laser Treatments Can Treat Various Skin Conditions And Diseases, Including Acne And Acne Scars, Skin Rejuvenation Treatments, Muscle Repair, And More.

What Are Some Of The Uses Of Lasers In Medicine? Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal Is The Most Common Form Of Laser Therapy, And It’s One Of The Safest Methods For Removing Unwanted Hair. In Addition To Being Effective, Lasers Also Cause Minimal Discomfort Or Downtime From Treatment Sessions.

The Best Part About Laser Treatments? They Work! Studies Show That Laser Hair Removal Reduces Body Hair By Up To 90%. Laser Treatments Can Treat Any Part Of Your Body—Including The Underarms—And Leave You With Smooth Skin Free From Ingrown Hairs Or Razor Bumps Between Appointments.

Removing Tattoos

According To The American Society For Dermatological Surgery, Although The Number Of People Getting Tattoos Has Escalated In Recent Years, So Has The Number Of People Wanting To Remove Them. Removal May Be Necessary Due To A Change In Employment Or Lifestyle Or Simply Because The Person No Longer Likes The Tattoo.

How Does It Work? The Ink Beneath The Skin Is Heated By Laser Beams Using Intense Energy Bursts, Which Splits The Ink Into Tiny Bits. It’s Rather Typical That Your Tattoo Won’t Be Entirely Gone. Some Tattoo Dye Hues Resist Laser Removal, And Some Pigment Is Buried Too Deep For Existing Lasers To Penetrate.

Here At Rosenberg Plastic Surgery, We Use The PicoSure Laser From Cynosure, Which Operates One Of The Most Advanced Laser Tattoo Removal Techniques.

Fight Acne And Acne Scars

You Can Treat Acne And Acne Scars With Laser Treatments. The First Thing To Know About Treating Acne Is That It’s A Skin Condition That Affects People Of All Ages, Skin Tones, And Ethnicities. Acne Appears When Pores Become Clogged With Oil Or Dead Skin Cells (Comedones), Which Creates The Appearance Of Whiteheads And Blackheads On Your Face Or Other Areas Of Your Body.

Light Is Directed On Your Skin’s Top Layers During Laser Acne Scar Therapy To Dissolve Scar Tissue. The Procedure Also Fosters The Replacement Of Scar Tissue With Fresh, Healthy Skin Cells.

The Laser’s Heat And Light Trigger The Growth Of New, Healthy Skin Cells As The Scar Tissue Disintegrates. The Laser’s Heat Draws Blood To The Region, And By Concentrating On The Blood Vessels In The Scar, It Also Reduces Inflammation.

After Only One Treatment, Patients Have Seen Amazing Benefits. The PicoSure Laser’s Pulses Promote The Growth Of New Collagen And Flexibility. For Individuals Thinking About Getting Injections Or Peels, A PicoSure Laser Is A Fantastic Option. With Just One Treatment, Your Skin May Be Firmer And Clearer.

Laser For Scar Removal

Your Body Uses Scars To Heal When Many Layers Of Your Skin Are Damaged. Once A Scar Forms, It Is Permanently A Part Of Your Skin. However, There Are Now Treatments For Hiding Scars.

Laser Scar Removal Is A Noninvasive Option That Use Fractional Laser Technology To Repair Scars Quickly And Consistently With No Danger, Discomfort, Or Downtime. Due To The Procedure’s Suitability For Usage On All Skin Types And Great Clinical Results, It Is The Recommended Way Of Scar Removal.

Scars Can Be Lessened With Laser Therapy By Reducing Discomfort Or Itching And Minimizing The Scar’s Appearance. Laser Light Uses Pulses To Coagulate Scar Tissue And Encourage The Regrowth Of Healthy Skin Tissue In Patients. There Is Little To No Pain Experienced, Short Healing Time, And No Chance Of Infection.

Stretch Marks Treated With Lasers.

Stretch Marks Are Uncommonly Formed Lines Or Skin Textures. The Skin Has Often Been Stretched Or Enlarged. It Is A Form Of Scarring That Usually Occurs During Or After Pregnancy And In Teenagers Who Snowball And Have Sudden Or Excessive Weight Increases Or Losses.

Medical Laser Treatments Can Now Improve The Appearance Of Stretch Marks.

With Little To No Downtime, The Fractional Non-Ablative Skin Resurfacing Laser Helps Reduce The Appearance Of Stretch Marks. Stretch Marks’ Unflattering Color And Skin Texture Can Be Reduced Using The Lux1540 Laser Handpiece, Giving Patients’ Skin A Smoother, More Appealing Appearance.

Medical Laser Treatments For Fractional Skin Resurfacing

Fractional Skin Resurfacing Is A Cosmetic Treatment That Effectively Increases Skin Elasticity While Removing Flaws And Spots. The Benefits Of Fractional Laser Imply That Skin Flaws May Be Treated Without The Need For Injections.

With The Use Of The Latest Generation Of Palomar Icon 1540 Fractional Lasers, Sagging Skin On The Neck, Face, Hands, And Body Will Improve.

The Palomar Icon 1540 May Be Utilized For The Following Things:

    • Works Effectively On Fine Lines And Wrinkles 
    • It Enhances The Appearance Of Surgical And Acne Scars
    • It Reduces The Appearance Of Aging Spots
    • It Helps In Improving The Look Of Skin Affected By The Sun

Vein Removal

Are You Tired Of Hiding Those Legs Under Layers Of Clothing? Having Visible Veins On Your Face Or Legs May Be Incredibly Awkward. But Worry Not, Because Your Veins Can Finally Disappear Thanks To Noninvasive Medical Laser Treatments!

Advanced Laser Technology Is Used In Vein Treatments To Target And Kill The Blood Vessels That Give Veins Their Appearance. There Is Little To No Harm To The Skin’s Outer Layer Since The Laser Only Damages The Blood Vessels Inside The Vein.

Thanks To Cynosure’s Cutting-Edge Laser Technology, You Can Finally Stop Covering Up Those Annoying Spider Veins And Damaged Blood Vessels.

Multiple Vascular Issues Can Be Treated With The Cynergy Laser, Including:

  • Port-Wine Stains
  • Telangiectasia On The Face And Legs
  • Visible Spider Veins
  • Hemangiomas
  • Diffuse Skin Redness
  • Some Rosacea Symptoms

Are You Ready To Get Your Laser Treatment?

If You Want To Get Treatment For Your Scars Or Acne Or Remove Your Tattoos And Those Veins That Make You Uncomfortable, Then Laser Treatment Might Be The Solution.

You Will Experience Minimally Invasive Procedures At Rosenberg Plastic Surgery To Get That Refreshed And Rejuvenated Appearance. Contact Us Today And Get A Consultation!


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