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How Long Do The Results Of Otoplasty Last?

An Otoplasty, Often Known As An Ear Tuck, Is A Surgical Operation That Improves The Shape Of Your Ears. Otoplasty Is A Procedure That Can Correct Problems With Ears That Protrude Or Seem Lopsided. Your Self-Esteem Will Increase Due To The Procedure’s New Look, Which Makes Your Ears Appear More Proportional.

Ears That Are Too Huge Or That Stick Out Too Far From The Sides Of Your Head Might Make It Difficult For You To Feel Confident And Content With How You Look. You Could Attempt To Conceal Your Ears By Wearing Caps And Long Hair, But There Are More Permanent Solutions. At Rosenberg Plastic Surgery, We May Improve Your Ears With An Otoplasty To Boost Your Self-Esteem.

So If You Have Been Asking Around And Looking Into A More Permanent Solution, Then Otoplasty May Be For You. If You Want To Know How Long The Results Of An Otoplasty Last, Stick Around And Let’s Get Right Into It!

What Is Otoplasty?

It Might Be Your First Time Hearing This Term, So Let Us Introduce It First.

One Of The Most Often Requested Facial Cosmetic Surgery Procedures Is Otoplasty. It Focuses On The Auricle, Often Known As The Outer Ear. Any Alterations To The Auricle Are Usually Made For Aesthetic Purposes Because The Outer Ear Does Not Impact Our Hearing Capacity. Although It Can Be Done To Fix An Ear Injured By An Injury, This Surgery Is Most Frequently Performed To Correct Malformations That Have Existed Since Birth.

This Kind Of Surgery Is Used To Relocate The Ears, So They Are Closer To The Head, Increase Tiny Or Underdeveloped Ears, Or Lessen The Size Of Huge Ears. Ear Pinning Is The Term Used To Describe The Process Of Bringing Projecting Ears Closer To The Skull.

Otoplasty Is A Possibility If:

  • Your Ears Are Far Apart From Your Head
  • Your Ears Are Large When Compared To Your Head Area.
  • The Top Of Your Ears Is Curled Downward.

There Are Typically No Scars Visible From The Front Because This Treatment Is Mainly Carried Out From Behind The Ears.

Are The Results Of Otoplasty Permanent?

Your Ears Will Likely Alter Permanently As A Result Of This Operation. Your Ears Should Keep Their New Look For The Rest Of Your Life If You Follow Our Advice Following This Treatment. As A Result, This Cosmetic Procedure Is A Great Option To Correct Your Ears Quickly And Affordably.

When The Initial Head Wrap Is Taken Off The Day Following The Treatment, You’ll Be Able To See The Outcomes Of The Otoplasty. While There May Be Some Moderate Bruising In The Region, It May Take A Few Weeks For The Swelling In The Ear To Go Down. Younger Patients (6–17 Years Old) Often Experience Little Discomfort With This Treatment. However, Adults Typically Experience More Mild Discomfort For A Few Days And May Momentarily Need Pain Medication.

Most Individuals Who Undergo Treatment Experience A Lifetime Of Better-Positioned Ears That Hardly Ever Shift. Minor Alterations May Be Required, Although They Are Usually Simple Adjustments, For Minor Modification In The Final Position Or Symmetry After A Few Many Months To A Year. There Is Little Possibility That Your Ears Will Return To Their Original Form.

What Does An Otoplasty Recovery Process Look Like?

  1. Recovery Time Is Undoubtedly One Of Your Top Worries If You Consider Getting Your Own Otoplasty. The Good News Is That, In Most Situations, You Won’t Need To Spend A Lot Of Time Recovering Following The Procedure.

    Your Recovery From An Otoplasty Should Typically Take At Least Six Weeks. However, After Only 2 Or 3 Weeks, You’ll See A Noticeable Difference In The Look Of Your Ears.

    Take A Look At What The Recovery Process Looks Like:


Localized Discomfort And Swelling In And Around Your Ears Will Be Present. You Will Be Instructed To Wear A Compression Garment To Protect Your Ears. Make Sure To Follow Through On Any Medicines Your Doctor May Have Given You, Including Essential Antibiotics.

Day 1 To Day 7

Throughout The First Several Days Following Surgery, You Should Wear Your Recovery Headband Around Your Ears. Most Of The Initial Otoplasty Swelling Will Have Gone Down By The Third Day. The Related Discomfort Should Also Lessen To Some Extent.

Day 7 To Day 14

The Swelling Will Continue To Reduce. Around Day 10, Many Patients Return To Work Or School. However, This May Change Depending On The Sort Of Employment, Your Unusual Amount Of Inflammation, And Other Relevant Circumstances. You Will Be Required To Wear A Headband For Six Weeks At Night.

3 Months After Surgery

By The Three-Month Mark, You Should Anticipate That Most Swelling Will Subside. After This Point, Check Back With Your Doctor To Ensure Everything Is Still In Good Condition.

One Year After Surgery

Some People Might Need More Time To Recover Completely. Your Ears Ought To Have Fully Recovered And In Excellent Condition By The End Of The First Year.

How Do You Ensure That The Results Will Last?

In Contrast To Other Cosmetic Treatments, The Recovery Time Is Relatively Short. A Few Days Following Your Surgery, You Should Be Able To Return To Work. You Must Adhere To Your Post-Operative Recovery Recommendations To Ensure That Your Ears Stay In Their New Position During Your Recovery.

Always Wear The Recovery Headband For Ear Protection. It Would Be Best If You Covered Your Ears With A Dressing For Many Days To Keep Them Safe. It Will Help If You Put On A Specific Headband Until It Is Safe To Remove This Protective Dressing. No Matter What You Do, You Must Wear This Headband Initially. You’ll Eventually Need To Put It On At Night. Additionally, You Ought To Lay On Your Back For Numerous Nights. If You Sleep On Your Back, Your Ears Won’t Experience Unnecessary Pressure For Long Periods.

A Follow-Up Consultation Is A Must. We’ll Schedule A Post-Op Appointment For You At The Same Time As Your Treatment. We Will Evaluate The Procedure’s Results During This Consultation. During This Time, Your Sutures Will Also Be Removed.

Avoid Strenuous Activities In The First Few Weeks. Along With Wearing Your Headband As Directed, You Should Keep From Strenuous Exercise For A Few Weeks. Depending On The Extent Of Your Treatment, You Might Need To Take Prescription Medication To Make Sure You Are At Ease Enough To Relax In The Following Days.

Ready To Book Your Otoplasty Consultation?

Most Otoplasty Recovery And Aftercare Procedures Are Straightforward And Don’t Cause Much Pain Or Discomfort. The Majority Of People Who Choose This Surgery Get Excellent Outcomes.

Contact Rosenberg Plastic Surgery Now To Find Out More About Otoplasty. We’ll Be Pleased To Go Over The Entire Process With You. You May Decide If This Treatment Is The Best Option For You.


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