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Does Emsculpt Neo Actually Work?

Someone Who Told Me There Was A Medical Device That Could Target My Body’s Most Intractable Fat Deposits And Stimulate Muscle Growth Would Have To Be Crazy. But Would You Genuinely Say That’s Impossible? When You Stop And Consider How Far We’ve Come With Our Technology.

The Emsculpt Neo Applicator, The Most Recent Development In Body Sculpting Technology, Combines Two Different Technologies Into A Single Device. Synchronized RF (Radio Frequency) For Fat Melting And HIFEM (High-Intensity Electromagnetic) For Muscle Toning Make This A Revolutionary Fat-Melting And Muscle-Toning Device. The Cutting-Edge Technique Boosts Muscle Mass By 25% While Cutting Fat By 30%.

As Great As That Sounds, Does It Work? Here’s What You Should Know About Emsculpt Neo. 

What Is Emsculpt?

Emsculpt Is A Non-Invasive Body-Sculpting Process That Increases Muscle Mass While Decreasing Fat Percentage. It Induces Greater Muscle Fiber Activation Than Traditional Exercise By Sending Pulses Of High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic Radiation (HIFEM) Directly Into The Muscle Tissue.

The Upper Arms, Thighs, And Calves Are Just Some Smaller Areas That Can Benefit From This Non-Invasive Therapy. Muscles Become More Defined, And Body Fat Is Minimized.

Emsculpt NEO, The Next Generation

Emsculpt Neo Is A Cutting-Edge, FDA-Approved Gadget That Uses Heat Radiofrequency (RF) Energy And Improved HIFEM Technology (Delivering Up To 20% More Electromagnetic Pulses Than The Original) To Burn Fat More Efficiently.

Emsculpt Neo Has FDA Authorization For Lipolysis (Fat Removal) Of The Thighs, Meaning It May Treat The Exact Locations As The Original Device. To Prevent Volume Loss Due To Fat Reduction, The Butt, Arms, And Calves Are Often Treated Without Heat.

Emsculpt Neo Will Also Release A Brand New Applicator In The Form Of The Edge That Same Year In September. It Targets The Oblique Muscles Of The Abdominal Wall To Strengthen The Core And Alleviate Back Discomfort.

It Is Advised That The Original Emsculpt Device Be Used For Four 30-Minute Sessions Over Two Weeks, Whereas The Recommended Treatment Plan For Emsculpt Neo Is One 30-Minute Session Per Week For Four Weeks.

Diastasis Recti, A Disorder In Which The Abdominal Muscles Split (Often During Pregnancy) And Cause A Belly Pooch, Can Be Alleviated With The Help Of Either Of These Devices. These Are The Only Non-Surgical Options For Treating Abdominal Separation, And They Work. Emsculpt Can Be An Alternative To Surgery For Some People, While Doctors May Still Advise It For Those With Excessive Separation.

Not A Weight Loss Treatment

Regarding The Scale, Non-Surgical Fat-Reduction Methods Are Just As Ineffective As Their Surgical Counterparts. You Can Lose Significant Weight And Appear Dramatically Different After Having Excess Fat Surgically Removed. You Won’t Notice A Substantial Change In The Numbers On The Scale, Though. Long-Term Adjustments In Food And Exercise, Or Surgical Weight Loss Procedures, Are The Only Ways To See Noticeable Results On The Scale. However, It’s Essential To Differentiate Between A “Weight Loss” Operation And A “Fat Loss” Procedure. Specifically, Emsculpt Neo Is What You’re Looking For.

Patients Who Are Even Slightly Overweight Should Not Use Emsculpt Neo. If You Want To Use Emsculpt Neo, You Must Have A Body Mass Index (BMI) Of No More Than 30. Instead Of Just Meeting Our Patient’s Expectations, We Want To Exceed Them. Emsculpt Neo Aims To Increase Muscle Mass While Reducing Minor To Moderate Fat Deposits. 

You’ll Need More Than Four Emsculpt Neo Sessions To Lose Weight, Although You’ll Notice A Modest Improvement In Your Before And After Pictures. We Suggest A Combined Strategy Consisting Of Liposuction And CoolSculpting For Individuals With Just A Tiny Amount Of Additional Fat To Eliminate. It’s A Given That When The Two Are Used Together, Progress Is Hastened, And The Effects Are Amplified.

Painless And Quick Results

Considering Its Function As A Muscle-Contracting Gadget, Emsculpt Neo Is Straightforward. We Usually Start By Turning The Device On At A Lesser Amount Of Power To Gauge How Comfortable You Are With It. We’ll Start Slow And Build The Intensity As You Become Used To It. In A Matter Of Minutes, We Can Turn It Up To 100%, At Which Point The Sensation Is Firm But Not Unpleasant. It’s Normal To Experience Some Warmth As Well. What’s Doing The Fat-Burning Is A Radio Frequency (RF) Heating The Fat Cells. However, We Promise To Keep You Updated During The Procedure And Make Any Necessary Adjustments To Ensure Your Comfort.

Indeed, If You Have A Lot Of Muscle, Your Muscles Will Feel Different After Only Two Or Three Sessions, And You May Even Notice Some Visible Results (It Depends On How Much Subcutaneous Fat You Have In The Treated Area). It May Take Up To Two To Three Months To See Results If You’re Trying To Lose Fat From A Layer On Your Stomach Or Upper Arms. Remember That While Muscular Gains Can Be Seen Rapidly, Fat Reduction Might Take Far Longer. We Suggest You Check In With Us To See Your Before And After Progress So You Can See The Change For Yourself, Mainly Because This Is A Slow Process.

Not As Effective As Liposuction

There Will Be No Need For Sedation Or Anesthesia, No Discomfort Or Downtime, No Drug Side Effects, And No Rapid Fat Loss. There Is A High Cost When Considering Liposuction For Its Visible Outcomes. 

With Emsculpt Neo, You Can Expect A Reduction Of Fat In The Treated Area Of Up To 30%, But The Effects Won’t Be As Noticeable. Emsculpt Neo, In Contrast To Liposuction, Can Increase Muscle Mass By Up To 25% In The Treated Area. Therefore, Emsculpt Neo Is More Than Just A Cosmetic Fat-Loss Operation; It Also Improves Your Health And Well-Being.


There Are Currently No Known Adverse Effects Of Emsculpt. However, As This Non-Invasive Treatment Only Became Available Around The Middle Of 2018, We Only Know A Little About Its Long-Term Implications, Such As The Potential Impacts Of High-Intensity Electromagnetic Energy On Your Organs.

There Have Been No Recorded Significant Adverse Effects From Using Emsculpt Neo, Which Is Even More Recent. Pregnancy, A Pacemaker Or Other Implanted Electronic Device Near The Treatment Site, Heart Problems, A History Of Seizures, Or Any Other Medical Conditions That Could Make The Device’s Electromagnetic Field Unsafe For You Are All Reasons Why Doctors Warn You Shouldn’t Undergo This Therapy.

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